Joggers: Topshop, Top: ZARA, Sandals: New Look, Lips: No7 Mulberry

I've been after a pair of trousers recently that would really set my wardrobe on fire and these leather joggers are certainly there.
They're smooth and sexy and boy do they feel good. If you've read my blog before you'll probably notice that these are really my style, but I feel a whole new me coming on and this is the item to get the ball rolling.
Along with the cosiness of these joggers, I wanted a relaxed but (hopefully perceived) edgy approach to wearing them. I constantly drool over the outfits Aimee Song puts together with her detailed and extravagant heels and casually cool trousers, so thought I'll give it a go! Despite being a little cold, I threw on a leather jacket and finished my Christmas shopping.
It's amazing how clothes can make you feel but hey, I think I'm getting there!



My life according to instagram.
Finally up to date! A small idea of what I've been up to the latter part of this year. Although not as much as I'd hoped, the new year is dawning and I feel there's some changes to come with the rise of the sun.

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Knit: ZARA, Skort: ZARA in black here, Boots: ALDO (grey is in sale!), Lips: MAC Twig

A brave 30 minutes with my pins out today. The short time was due to the fact I was being an optimistic IDIOT and thought with a heavily layered top half I'd still be warm. Can't fault me for trying, I am English after all.
Today was the first of 5 days off for me. I woke up and didn't really know what to do with myself. In the end I did some chores, got some Christmas decorations together and then met a friend for a cosy pub lunch.
Isn't it funny how we long for our days off but when they arrive we are stuck for things to do (well, people to do them with) or the slowing down actually has us lacking motivation to socialise?

For me, December is the time to reflect on the year that has passed and to think of the year to come. I think my (first) New Years Resolution will be to really make every moment count. None of this sitting around twiddling my thumbs business. Being proactive and spontaneous is what life is all about!
If all else fails though, I can always fill my days with shopping right?



Benefit, Yankee, Lingerie, Makeup Bag, Alexa Chung IT, Necklace, ELLE, Watch, Brushes, Camera, Ghd's, Notebook, Bracelet.

Christmas is THE best time of year and no matter how old I'll get, seeing presents under the tree will always get me giddy and excited.
Most of the time we tear our hair out thinking about what gifts to buy others so I plucked a few of my 2013 favs to hopefully give you a little more inspiration if you're struggling for ideas.
It is always the thought that counts and no matter who you're buying for whether easy or picky, there is always something for someone.
Some of these are great for stocking fillers or for the Secret Santa you weren't prepared for. Never the less they're great girlie gifts and mostly inexpensive.

The makeup bag and Olivia Burton watch are my favs....what are yours?



Dress: Missguided, Knit: ZARA, Collar: ASOS similar here and here, Lips: MAC Mehr

A cold crisp day off called for an easy versatile outfit. This collar saved me from the cool wind on several occasions and looked super chic whilst doing it.



Jumpsuit: ZARA, Coat: ZARA (last year), Shoes: Whistles via ASOS (similar here), Lips: No7 Pink Mocha

I cannot put into words how much I love a good jumpsuit. It's the epitome of smart, effortless dressing. It's all about finding the right one for your body type and then to wear it with pride.
I've spent months trying on all sorts and finally came across this piece from ZARA. Falling in with the lace trend this season it has both a cute and intimidating side and makes me feel just the same when donning it with a pair of courts.



Trousers: ZARA, Crop: ZARA, Shoes: ZARA, Clutch: Michael Kors

Navy is one of my favourite new autumnal colours. I feel it doesn't wash me out too much and is so warming. The pinstripes are comfy and this jersey crop is a dream so this outfit couldn't be better for my only day off in a manic week at work.
As usual I'm wearing my metallic sandals, but if today has told me anything it's that I need to trade these in for some winter booties. That's mainly because I woke up to a Kurt Geiger email promoting their mid-season sale. Wuh oh, see you paycheck.



Playsuit: Topshop, Heels: ZARA, Sunglasses: ASOS, Watch: Chanel, Ring: Pandora

I finally have an entire weekend off work and have been so lucky with the weather. With summer coming to an end I thought it was probably a good time too wear this gorgeous playsuit even if - to most - it's a little OTT.
With paperbag shorts and a inch thick waistband it really is such a simple cut and is super comfy. But the cape front is my idea of brilliance. It's super flattering and hides all those self-conscious bits- especially as I went out for lunch in it. The best part is that it's so light. The heat today created wardrobe dilemmas for me this morning but I'm so glad it saved the day.



Dress: Missguided, Shoes: ZARA, Sunglasses: Topshop (old), Ring: Pandora, Necklace: ASOS, Lips: MAC

Missguided aways comes up trumps when I order from them. This dress is no different. I am SO happy to have found a maxi dress that is long enough to wear with heels- there are too many that aren't.
This piece just oozes sexiness and although it's as tight as hell, it feels good too. At such an awesome price I just couldn't resist it and trust me, it was worth it.



Skirt: Boutique, Top: ZARA (other colours on sale), Heels: Nelly, Sunglasses: ASOS (on sale!), Lips: MAC Mehr

Summer has really shown its true colours this year. 
Annoyingly I was a little under-prepared. Spending most of my time at work, I didn't get in enough for this blistering heat and have to re-wear and re-style.
But, I have no qualms in wearing these shoes again. They still look badass and make this simple outfit blog worthy.



Yesterday was a day of celebrations for my brother. He graduated from Oxford Brookes and it was the perfect opportunity to don a posh frock and get glammed.
With all this warm weather I was lucky that I didn't have to try and incorporate a jacket or coat that wouldn't spoil this lovely dress.
I haven't curled my hair for such a long time too and I thought this was the perfect occasion. With a pale pink lip, overall I was super happy with this look.
Can never go wrong with an LBD.

 Dress: ZARA, Shoes: ZARA. Earcuff: ASOS, Bracelet: Links of London, Lips: MAC Pink Plaid