Shirt: COS, Culouttes: Boohoo, Sandals: ZARA, Sunglasses: ASOS, Lips: No7 Classic Rose

Following Sunday's glorious weather, it is clear to see that spring has definitely sprung. There are some beautiful daffodils in the front garden of my parents place and there is blossom frequently blowing in the wind and catching in my hair.
I have started to really feel like my old self recently, with the start of my new job and the rebrand of my online shop (launching soon) I can really say that things are looking up.
My wardrobe has been on hold for the most part of last month and it has really given me time to put together a collection of pieces that I can definitely see myself in throughout the coming months. Albeit, several are weather dependent so those pieces will remain on my 'tbc' list but lets keep fingers crossed for pin worthy weather.
In the meantime I pulled a typical all black outfit - something I am donning a lot recently - and kept it comfy in the sun for some errands. It feels so good to finally get my ZARA classics out and show you my fav COS buy.



Crop: ZARA, Trousers: ZARA, Mules: ZARA, Sunglasses: ASOS, Lips: No7 Mocha

Today was the first day in a few weeks I could actually relax. I managed to shoot this before the sun went down after a glorious day. It's amazing what the sun can do to people. Everyone was out and about and you could feel the positivity and excitement. If England had good weather all year round, we would be the best country on the planet.
Although being 'International Women's Day', I am wearing a fairly masculine outfit. I am still loving crops and pinstripes so what's better to throw on for a day of bits and bobs.
I do have a wishlist the size of my arm however, so keep an eye out for new SS pieces!



  images via charliemay

I have been following Charlie's progress since I came across her blog - girlalamode - about 8 months ago now.
Her minimal, soft tailoring is the epitome of effortless chic and has had me dreaming of a wardrobe filled with her pieces ever since. Although slightly out of my price range, Charlie's pieces set the bar in colour and texture with amazing quality fabrics that are manipulated so easily into such wearable pieces.

I was invited to attend the Charlie May show at the amazing OXO2 on the southbank for LFW after expressing my love for her brand and couldn't have been more excited.
Above are some of my favourite looks from the show. Apparently my shots are totally terrible and I need to take a lesson or two in taking pictures of moving objects! If you want a peak at some of my images then please see my instagram: @jennanicholls

The show was total perfection. Fabulous leather, long sleeves, structured knits and serious shearling. I got goose bumps as each model walked past!
If you don't believe me, the full catwalk looks can be seen on Vogue and there are also great backstage shots from Notion Magazine.

Thank you Charlie for inviting me and I can't wait to see what you do next!



Coat: ZARA, Knit: COS, Leggings: ZARA (similar here), Mules: ZARA, Bag: Vintage Louis Vuitton, Lips: MAC Pink Plaid

I have finally bagged this fabulous long-line pinstripe coat and I am totally in love. I had been umming and ahhing it from afar in the ZARA sale and finally decided to take the plunge. Its high neck, length and stripes are totally masculine but wrapping it around me felt effortlessly chic and added that girly tailored edge.

So anyway, this is what I wore on one of my days off this week. I didn't have a huge amount planned but put together some exciting ideas for the not too distant future. If you read this blog regularly then you should (hopefully) be pleased to know I will be posting more often and with some more planning. 
This is all with a prediction that the weather turns that worthy of LA and my bank balance adds about six 0's however. But yes, stay tuned and spread the word. Jenna is here to stay...



Knit: ZARA, Culottes: Boohoo, Mules: ZARA, Bag: Louis Vuitton (vintage), Sunglasses: ASOS, Lips: MAC Craving

After a packed weekend - some of it spent at LFW, with post to follow - I finally had the chance to slip on my awesome new culouttes from boohoo and mules from Zara. After spying these easy breezy troosies on the stunning Megan at whatsnewpussycat, I had to snap them up to start easing myself back into spring. Paired with an oversized chunky knit to protect myself against the weather, I felt effortlessly chic in my cut-off shoes too. I spent hours drooling over the ZARA SS14 lookbook only to come across these babies. The decision to buy took a fraction of the time, an easy sign it was love at first sight.



Sweatshirt: Sheinside, Leggings: ZARA, Boots: H&M, Sunglasses: ASOS, Lips: No7 Cranberry

The easiest outfit to don after clocking some crazy working hours. Bagged this bargain beauty from Sheinside and it certainly has saved me some dosh as well as creep up the leaderboard of my all-time favourite buys.
I don't really have a leader board- don't worry- but it's only natural for a girl to fall in love and I certainly did when this piece fell through my letterbox.



Mac: Mulberry similar here, Top: COS, Leggings: ZARA, Boots: ALDO, Sunglasses: ASOS, Lips: No7 Coral Rose

Just like any girl, I dream of owning those luxury pieces seen and worn by our fashion icons when each season comes and goes.
This tan mackintosh is one of those pieces for me. I fell in love with it in the store while shopping with the boy. It must have been the look on my face that guilt tripped him into buying it for me as a premature 21st present. Well I'm not going to complain am I?!
These images really don't do this classic justice, but I thought why not show off its fabulous colour by donning all black and some sunnies. Let it do all the talking just like when it spoke to me in the store...



Skirt: ZARA, Crop: ZARA, Boots: ZARA, Lips: MAC Craving

After a full on week, I was seriously looking forward to my weekend off. As usual I was stifled by the weather and only managed to snap this windy picture before the heavens opened and the rain poured... but it does give you some sort of idea of how it looked.
This grey mermaid skirt was top of my sale buy list this year and is perfect for these dull days as its fit and texture make me feel quite the opposite.



Knit: COS, Joggers: Topshop similar here, Boots: ZARA, Bag: Mulberry, Sunglasses: ASOS, Lips: MAC Twig

All black seems to be my favourite thing to wear at the moment. It's just so easy to throw on without too much effort. This COS polo neck is a dream to wear and has been my best sale buy this season. It's a soft wool knit with a gradual swing fit which means its great to pair with anything.

And I can also introduce you to my lovely new arm piece from Mulberry.
I have been saving for a longtime and finally got the opportunity to purchase this old girl last weekend. It's size and colour means its the perfect staple and I am loving using it.



Knit: ZARA, Shorts: ZARA, Boots: H&M, Lips: No7 Cranberry

It's about time I got back into the blogging game. What's better than kicking things off with the best new addition to my wardrobe.
These boots are part of the H&M Parisian Collection that launched in the latter part of last year. They really are my perfect boots, and since spying them when the collection launched I have been hunting them ever since.
It wasn't until a day of shopping in the city a few weeks ago that I spotted them slumped in a corner looking unworn and unloved. I squealed with excitement when I saw they were my size and had to snap them up.
The rest - as they say - is history...



Jumpsuit: ZARA, Top: ZARA, Shoes: Nelly, Bag: Just Fab, Lips: YSL

Pictures from a recent test shoot for a jewellery company in December.
It was fun shooting with some of my own items as I got to play around quite a lot and play stylist. Safe to say when taking off my coat to shoot outside it was pretty chilly but it was super fun never the less.
Shooting in Kensington and Chelsea at Christmas time is so magical. With decorative lights and large green and red wreaths made the day particularly festive. It's safe to say I'm very jealous of the stunning town houses and spent more time oogling at these than worrying about the weather.

Photos by Johnny Colbert